Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The "Single Child" Syndrome

"Do You have any brothers or sisters?"
I say, "No"
The World says, "Oh is it? That is really bad."

Why does the entire world pity me?
They sound as if someone is dead and that they are really worried about that.
I mean what is so bad about being the SINGLE CHILD?


The are loads of advantages in being SINGLE CHILD!☺

  • The attention of your parents will not get divided
  • They give the world's love because they have only one child  
  • There will be no one to fight with for the remote control, computer and all other blah blah blah...
    (Come on... I have already told you that I am a single child. So I don't know for what siblings would fight!)
  • Your room, study table and bed will not be shared by anyone
  • You will end up getting everything new...
    New books, dresses, games, vehicle, accessories...
    (But hey, this applies only if you are the eldest. Because the older one will always get the newest and the best!)
  • You can eat all the sweets and snacks by yourself.
  • And you can be a Mama's Daughter/Son and Daddy's li'l Princess/Prince

Bt hey!

There are disadvantages too☻
  • There will be no one to play with at home other than parents
  • There will be no one to fight with (Of course other than parents!!!)
  • There will be no real person to cuddle with
    (Only Teddy bears and pillows will be there)
  • There will be no extended families to the next generation
  • The jealousy factor will be predominant in such single children
  • They would fail to feel the joy of sharing
Loneliness plays an inevitable part in their lives. Or rather, I should say I feel lonely many a times. It would have been fun if I had a sibling. There would have been more glistening memories to my life! I would not have become such an ardent thinker. I would have been normal. I would not have pined for more friends.

In spite of all the above revelations, I have to admit that my parents have done a great job. They have not brought me up as a cliched "Single Child". They have been played the part of a good friend, sibling and that of a great guide. They made me into what I am today. They ensured that I don't end up as a overtly pampered and always-tantrum-throwing "single child"!!!

I am happy that I did not turn out to be a spoiled little brat.

(Actually that is one of the reasons why the world has a problem in believing that I am a single child)

I am happy that I got the best parents...
Love you appa and amma
(that means "Love you dad and mom" in tamil)

Yet I am sad that I don't have a sibling...
Life would have been different...
Life would have been more fun...

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