Thursday, 24 November 2011


Myself and my friend/colleague had to go out to a Company in order to discuss our auditors' report with the management. It was planned in haste and we rushed to reach there on time.

While leaving, my friend did ask if I've money or if we should get that from office. I said already have some office money; so need to ask further.

Thus, we caught an auto to bus stop. Then, a bus to the Company. Later, we walked a few kilometers to reach the Company. None of them seemed tiring because I was with my Best Friend and its always fun to be together.

We talked.
We gossiped.
We became nostalgic.
We also discussed life after the completion of CA training which we are undergoing right now.

Our work got over pretty soon there.
So, we decided to leave by bus.
To our surprise, bus came early too.

We got in and started our next session of gossip and talks.
The conductor came seeking ticket money.

Myself being the cashier-in-charge, opened the bag.
Only Rs.10/- out of the office money was in hand.


I had forgotten the purse in another bag at office!!!

We felt so unsure and panicked.
However, as a part of disaster management, we bought ticket for Rs.10/-.

Called office for vehicle.
But, it had gone out to pick someone else.
We could neither wait as we were already half the way.

Suddenly remembered that another friend/colleague was at another Company.

We walked to that Company from the bus stop.
Met him and got Rs.100/-

How rich we felt that moment.
And how helpless we felt before that.

We had sarbath...
Caught Bus...
Continued with the talks...
And ended up being nostalgic too.


We also giggled and felt sad that all these official outings will be over soon...
Only 9 more days to be precise.

We would not be colleagues anymore.
We would be friends. Only friends.

We may not meet each other everyday.
We may not spend almost 8-10 hours a day together.

Our lives is going to change a lot.
I am not mentally prepared for that.
She says she is!!
But, I am finding hard to believe her.

How easily the 3.5 years passed.
Its unbelievable!!!

We are friends for 7.5 years!!!
And how much more easily it passed...

Life moves on...
Such memories never fade.

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