Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Amma-Appa... Luv you!!!

We may dine like a King.
Taste cuisines made by the greatest chefs.
But, the taste of our mother’s food…
Ah!!! Nothing can equal that.

We may stay at five star hotels.
Visit the well-sought tourist resorts.
But, the warmth that our own home gives…
Ah!!! Nothing can equal that.

We may enjoy friends’ company.
Feel the love of extended family.
But, the untainted love of our parents…
Ah!!! Nothing can equal that.

I am happy in my cocoon.
I am enjoying the shade under my parents.
I am scared to fly alone.

I may travel around the World…
I may become rich enough to buy the World.
But alas! It would not give happiness.

 After all…
Happiness blooms when we are ourselves…
Amongst people who are our own!!!

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