Wednesday, 18 January 2012

எங்கேயும் எப்போதும் - Engayum Eppothum

We travel between places with loads of dreams and expectations. Nobody will travel without a reason. Most of the time, the reason would be very poignant. The level of excitement would be at its peak. We keep thinking about the place where we are heading and the people we are about to meet. Yet, we miss our home miserably. On other times, we would be recalling our days of stay in a very different atmosphere as well as people and would be feeling glad to get back to the comforts of our own nest!

Thus, traveling is always filled with mixed emotions. And the most amazing part is that we trust our driver blindly and hope that he would help us reach our destination safely.

But, are drivers really responsible?
If they really were, why so many accidents are taking place?
Why so much human blood is shed on a national Highway?

This is the plot of M Saravanaa’s directorial venture – Engayum Eppothum.
It is a multi-starrer film with each of the character traveling with innumerous dreams… hopes and expectations. And, it shows how a rash driving eats away all that and much more.

The screenplay is swift.  Narrative is unique.  Characters are simple; like you and me. That only adds to the charm of the movie!  Songs are foot-tapping. Its picturisation is equally interesting.

AR Murugodas is widely acknowledged as a very intelligent director. He is the producer of this unusual movie and further proves his intelligence.

Yes!  Engayum Eppothum is an intelligent movie; a no-non-sense flick. It is an experience by itself. Don’t miss it!!


  1. Heard about the movie from a fren.. Now badly wanna watch it after reading ur post. I travel a lot esp in buses across states.. heard about an accident recently somewhere near salem. reminded me of this movie story.