Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Its my Results...

Oh no..!!!
It is nearing.
The time for fearing.
And lots of nail-biting.
My heart  is racing.
The butterflies are fluttering.
I am sweating.
The wait is maddening.
Time is elongating.
I am wondering,
About the forthcoming.
Will I be smiling?
That would be endearing.
Or will it be devastating?
Such thoughts are harassing.
The uncertainty is haunting.
The pressure is building.
But, the clock is not ticking.
Is the World conspiring?
Or am I over-reacting?
It’s my result that is coming.
I feel like fainting.
But, I am waiting.
Still waiting.
Yet, positively.

PS: I am writing a poem because it is not MY results in the pipeline. Or is it because I am recalling how I was feeling when my results were awaited. 

1 comment:

  1. Dear locomente...
    The count down has started...
    The day has arrived when you would realise how lucrative your efforts were...
    The emotional crunch emanated from you is the same as every CA Final student is carrying right now...(For the time being, CA Final... Intermediate results to follow!!!)
    Let the results be a fillip to all the ones who had put in their sincere efforts...
    God will never let you down friends...
    All the very best!!! :)