Saturday, 14 January 2012

Jansi Ki Rani!!!

I am not denying.
The incident was intriguing.
I teased my friend as Jansi Ki Rani.
Come on… I thought that it was more than enough.
And yes, I also narrated it to my parents.
Thus, all of us agreed that she turned out to be as brave as Jansi Ki Rani!!
However, the moment she asked me what I would have done if I were in her position, my stomach turned to ice.
Like the cold breath of a grave, her words seemed to cut my very soul.
And, I wanted to share that story to the World.
Because, I was sure that her act was that of bravery.
An act which I would never dare to perform!

Oh my God!!
My hands are aching like hell.
I am shivering and an uncomfortable premonition of fear is pervading my senses.
But, I have to go on.
At least for my Jansi Ki Rani!!!

She was riding her scooterette – Pleasure.
She was tearing the air apart.
The cool breeze made her enjoy the ride.
The sun was getting ready to meet its friends in the other part of the Earth.
It was looking beautiful and orangish.
The branches of trees were swaying in the wind.
And, she kept raising the speed as there was no traffic to worry about.
Also, because she had to reach home before darkness envelops.

She was feeling high.
She felt something on her left wrist.
And what she saw stole all the happiness away.
It was due to the horrific sight of a snake!!
She did no know what to do.
She tried not to let her heart over-take her brains.
She did not want to meet up with an accident.
Rather, she did not want the snake to meet with an accident.
The thought of the snake crawling over her as she falls on road made her shudder.
More mortifying was the thought of the snake attacking her.
The road was deserted. There was nobody to help.
She somehow managed to slow down the vehicle without disturbing the resting snake.
She finally applied the brake and jerked her hands.
Thank God!! The snake jumped out of her hand and the scooterette as well.
She felt relieved.
But, she could not control tears from flowing.
She cried her eyes out and prayed that the snake is not hurt.
She thanked God that she is not hurt.

In this way, My Jansi Ki Rani evolved.
I could not stop myself being awed by her bravery.
If it was me in her place, I thought, I would have straight away laid down on the death-bed and anxiously knocked the doors of heaven. (Or is it hell??!!)
I mean I am a kind of person who feels horrified seeing a lizard.
Even cockroach for that matter!
A snake is beyond the wildest and weirdest imagination.
My Jansi Ki Rani, however, laughed aloud at my grumblings and the endless mumblings.
Her humility made her say that she can’t even imagine such a situation repeating again.
On the other hand, her attitude made her say that she could very-well contest for Khathron Ki Khiladi.
Thus, we laughed more louder now and continued discussing about Khathron Ki Khilad.
(Eventually, the topic got deviated from Khathron Ki Khiladi to the Khiladi Akshay Kumar… His latest Desi Boys movie… Its female lead - Deepika Padukone… Her sensational Dhum Maro Dhum song… Ileana’s look Nanban resembling that of Deepika Padukone in general… How good Three Idiots was… Blah… Blah…. Blah…)
Of course, we are weird.
And we live, eat and breath movies and television soaps.
And we never fail to see the humor in life.

Anyways, I got to admit that I am still mortified.
I am still shaken.
I still think that she turned out to be a star – Oops!! Jansi Ki Rani rather!
(But, hey! My friend na… She ought to be a star!! An ever twinkling star…)


  1. Oops...
    My god!!!
    Is dat somethin which really happened????
    As yu said, I just cant even think of such a moment...
    And she could manage to face such a situation...
    No doubts why you decided to precipitate the story(reality rather)...
    I wud say...
    I ought to be an exponent of ur friend locomente...
    A fan of ur "Jansi ki rani"!!!!!

  2. Yes Sree...
    It happened...
    A true story...
    No fiction at all...