Sunday, 1 January 2012

Only One Success

We all thrive hard for success.
We do almost anything to make success ours.
We draw unrealistic plans and try to copy the success path of successful people.
We follow the successful people among our friends and family.
We try to succeed, yet, we fail miserably.

the failure teaches us the first lesson to success.
It teaches us that we were so busy copying and following that we lost our own identity.
If we ourselves think that we are losers and are not successful, how can we expect others to have faith in us?

Christopher Morley was an American essayist, journalist, novelist and a poet. He quoted, "there is only one one success - to spend your life in your own way"

The only person who knows us better than the World is ourselves.
Nobody apart from us knows what we want.

So, be yourself...
Be the master of your life...
Make the success story of your life yourself!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - A very successful one☺

1 comment:

  1. Success everyone wants tis...
    But it goes to d person who deserve for tat...
    want to be a deserved one..