Sunday, 8 January 2012

Two Fates

Are you ready for a laugh ride?

Judy Balan’s “Two fates” is a hilarious take on two states wedding. We will go out into a laughing fit and enjoy the ridiculous state of their marital status because now Deepeka (A Tamilian) and Rishab (A Punjabi) – the story’s lead – are out of love. However, their families are in deep and mad love! They are so madly in love with each other that it becomes difficult for the lead characters to differentiate between their respective families.

The story begins by depicting their mutual hatred. Then, it goes on narrating about the steps taken by them for divorce by mutual consent. It shows that if inter-state marriages are difficult, divorce of such married couple is almost impossible!

Deepeka and Rishab came out as the “model Couple”. Their families love them more for finding each other. Amidst of all this familial love, the main lead succeeds in getting divorce and on the very next day, they re-marry. Yes! You read it right. They re-marry each other,. This time in Punjabi style!

Thus, the book is corny and funny depicting the modern day “model couple”. They fight. They cannot each other’s sight. Yet, they are best of friends and so much in love. It also points out how much their family and friends rightly conceived them as model couple though the couple themselves was sure that they hate each other.

It is a very small book. A book which can be finished in one go. A must read for everyone who enjoyed Chetan Bhagat’s Two States.

A must read for everyone who thinks love is all about living happily ever after because this book rightly corrects that it may also be “cornily ever after”!

So don’t waits.
Grab the book.
And fasten your seat-belts for the most joyous ride and for a never ending laughing fit!!!

PS: This is my 50th Book Review post...