Tuesday, 28 February 2012

AC... Gadgets... Blah... Blah...

We belong to a generation which is obsessed to Air Conditioner. We need it wherever we go. These days, it is used more as a style statement than a necessity. It is really funny that even people who are getting to be in AC for the first time, eventually, get addicted to it. Thanks to the fully air conditioned offices! Now, we need AC in bus, car, train, bed room and may in a loo too soon.  

AC is an addiction and it is scary to find that people are just not ready to stay away from it. The habit, however, is commendably unhealthy. Our body needs to shed its heat. It needs to sweat. It has the right to look healthy. However, it is suffocated and prohibited from doing its routine task.

The outcome?
Gym… Morning/Evening walks… Yoga…
And a crappier Sauna bath... massages,...

And of course the inevitable…
Electricity shortage!
The victims being the lower middle class and the poor!

I really don’t understand all this. Why would anybody need an AC when it is raining heavily outside? When chilly breeze is being swayed? When the moon is glowing and a rhythmic wind is blowing? Didn’t our fathers and forefathers live without it? Weren’t they healthy and weren’t they glowing radiantly? In fact, they are healthier than we are. They are less dependent and far free from diseases and illness.

Come out… Detangle yourself.
Let yourself breathe fresh air rather than the alluring room spray.
Listen to the chirping and cawing rather than some jazz or pop.
Write something in your diary or in a parchment rather than in your laptop.
Visit your friends and relatives rather than texting or calling them.

Come on….
There is so much to do.
Life is not all about being pampered by the ACs and gadgets.
It is about people, love and sharing.
Smile at your neighbor. Oops! Do you know them at all?
Hug your loved ones…
Gift them your love rather than some expensive souvenirs.

Life would be less tacky…
With lesser complains.
And more enjoyable!!!

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