Sunday, 5 February 2012

Air of love...

It’s a state that makes you feel divine.
It makes life colorful and full of joy.

It teaches you to adjust and give up.
It brings a smile in your face in sleep too.

It’s an irresistible phase of life.
It adds verdant memories and brings out the best in you.

It is like air.
You can feel it.
You can enjoy it.
You can feel enchanted and mesmerized by its divinity.
But, you can never order it to stay with you forever.

It is like air.
Let it go.
Never try to hold it hard.
It won’t get hurt; but your heart would ache.
You may be left disheartened.
Be thankful that you were caressed by it.

Those days of “in-love” would make your life more joyous.
Don’t regret on what happened.
Because when you were touched by the air of love;
You were beaming radiantly.
You were not complaining!

Oh love…
I Love you


  1. LOVE- once u fall in love... Den nothin wil stop u... Don't hide ur love if u try to hide ur love it wil hurt ur health(heart).. Just spread to everyone.. Love, one who love u...As like me.. I'm lovin everyone n everythin.. Just love wat u do..