Wednesday, 1 February 2012


B E A U T I F U L ! ! !
Yes… That’s what you feel after watching V K Prakash’s “Beautiful”, a Malayalam movie.

Do you remember Guzaarish - another disaster of Sanjay Leela Bansali? Well… This movie’s protagonist, Stephen, enacted my Jayasurya is paraplegic; similar to how Hrithik Roshan was in Guzaarish. He can’t sense his body beyond neck.  He owns crores. But, he can’t touch or feel a penny. Yet, he enjoys life. He travels places and enjoys the flavors of that place. His relatives are praying for his death so that they could get something out of his Rs.200 crores worth property! Stephen, however, is not concerned with any of these. He enjoys life. He smiles and never fears death. All he wishes for is a few expecting-nothing-in-return friends.

Thus, he finds John, played by Anoop Menon. He is a struggling musician with a sister who is trying hard to crack her medical entrance examinations. He doesn’t have much money and this necessity for money makes him to accept the offer to sing personally to Stephen. Their friendship blooms. John falls in love with Stephen’s home nurse, Anjali, played by Meghna Raj and Stephen encourages as well.

Is John really a good friend of Stephen or is he trying to hoodwink Stephan and get hold of his money? Does Anjali accept John’s love or is she in love with Stephan? Does Stephan survive the best laid plans of his relatives to murder him and bag his wealth, holds the rest of the story.

I am not used to watching many Malayalam movies. But, I wanted to watch this one. Guess why? Because I accidentally happened to watch a song called “Mazha neer thulligal.” It is sung by Unni Menon and carries a soul with it. 

And, I was not disappointed with my decision. I could not stop myself from clapping when the movie ended. It threw so much of positive vibes.

The dialogs are commendable and shows how modern India thinks and acts. I was surprised by a few explicit dialogs uttered by women to men! That showed the changing face of India in general and Indian women in particular.

Jayasurya steals the show. Anoop Menon’s subtle expressions and dilemma is well portrayed. Songs are average except the one I mentioned above. Dialogs are excellent.

Beautiful shows a different angle through which life can be looked at. It is awesome and you will not feel disappointed at the end it.

Feel Beautiful…
Enjoy Beautiful!!!

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