Tuesday, 14 February 2012

♥♥♥Dear Valentine♥♥♥

Sitting beside a window sill
With my gentle hands on my chin
And my doe eyes closed
I am trying to envision my Prince.

My heart beats are racing
When would you sweep me off my feet?
When would you look deep into my eyes?
When would I hear your heart-beats?

Are you like the scintillating orange sun?
Or like the glowing full moon?
Are you like the enigmatic cool breeze?
Or like the mighty waves of the ocean?

They say, Love is in the air
May be, that’s why I could feel you and not see you
Do you miss me?
Would you turn up at all?

Come on sunlight…
Paint rainbow for me
Soak me in your yellow rays
Sun bathe me

Dear moonlight…
Throw light into my gloomy life
Enchant me with phantasmagoric dreams
Envelop me with your warmth

Alas! Where are you?
Have I seen you?
Do you know me?
Would our love live for an eternity?

My eyes are longing to see you
My ears are desperate to hear you
My heart is calling out for you
My thoughts are enchained to you

Oh dear Valentine…
Come panting to me
Cast your magic and leave me spellbound
A Cinderella is awaiting her Prince-Charming

Oh dear Valentine…
Wherever you are
This Cinderella wants to say

Regardless of your love for me
Unmindful of your reluctance
Despite the geographical separations
After all, you are the Emperor of my heart!



  1. Wow wat a poetry...
    Nice locomente...
    Hats off for such romantic AND Mesmeric wishes... Ur narrative make everyone fall in a magical spell of love.....
    Wish u too...
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Dear Locomente...
    without being in luv how can yu write such beautiful words about love... HAts off to your work dear...