Monday, 20 February 2012

Going away...

Each time when I travel in a train, I would be quite sure of when I would get back to my home in order to kick-start my routine life. But, this time, I am traveling away from home, to meet my professional ambitions. Indeed, I will be coming back to my home. But, there would be no routine awaiting me. I would be narrating to my parents the incidents that left mark during the five days of stay at a strange place. I would update them with the new friends made and the assignments handled. I may go for a brief walk or visit the temple. May be, I would take my Siamese, scooterette, to do some shopping or have the toothsome Golgappas. Otherwise, I would be sitting in front of TV, or lying back reading a book, else, posting something in my blog.

All this sounds so alien to me. I feel so unlike I am.
It is easy to adapt to changes. But, it is difficult to forego the habits.
It is easy to flutter away. But, it is very much hard to leave the nest.
It is easy to make new friends. But, it is hard to stay away from the loved ones.

Oh dear Hometown…
I am already missing you.

Oh dear home…
I can’t think about befriending another place.

Oh dear cubby-hole…
I can’t think of another customized domain for me.

I am not carrying any heavy luggage.
But, my heart is heavy.
After all, I am carrying a mountain of verdant memories.
My eyes are heavy.
It is longing to catch the glimpse of the people and place to which it is so used to.

But, the train is running fast.
It is transporting me from a small town to an almost-developed metro.
I am excited to add new experiences to the memory lane.
Yet, I am feeling agitated to leave the cocoon.