Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I am Possessive...

A virus
Which multiplies itself
Eats away mental peace
Splits the relationship
Confuses others
Hurts the emotions
Kills the cherished love
Unfolds the gray shade of loved ones
Leads to hatred and regrets
Makes life difficult
And the association traumatic

If you ask me, I would say that I am a very possessive person. I know that it is bad; that it hurts others!

I am not exaggerating when I say that I hate the sight of my mother playing with other kid; or even talk with care and affection. I can’t tolerate when my father shows concern to others. Yes, even today! But, possessiveness towards parents is understandable and it would not hurt others much, particularly, if you are a single child like I am! Woohooooo, some solace there.

Apart from that, all other relationship can be ruined by the predator called possessiveness.

Why there is so much news about harassment and conflicts between the in-laws? The parents and siblings find it difficult to see their son/brother being shared by a third person, called 'wife’.

Why there are so many break-ups? The partner is may not like to see his/her loved ones talking freely or befriending to others.

Why friends are not in touch forever? Because when new people start coming in life, they tend to become possessive and start thinking that new people are entering due to lack of proper bonding. However, that may not even be the reason.

Trust me, possessiveness has the capability to ruin any relationship. It erupts when you are unsure about your love and suspect others. Understanding the loved ones and being secure in a relationship is the key to slaughter the devil called possessiveness. Come on it has the tendency to hurt others. When the loved ones is hurt beyond the limit, they start walking away. One day, they would be too far away to reach out.

Possessiveness is not the solution to hold back your love. It is not the means to seek their attention. Instead, it is true love, understanding and caring that is superior. Also, shoo off insecurity. Then, nothing in this World can conspire to take away your love from you.

Just understand…
Someone is with you because they love you.
Suspicion would hurt them.
They would start doubting if they are good enough for you.
They feel upset seeing you disheartened and dejected.
They try to make you understand.
They try to ward off your insecurities.
But, if they realize that there actions are only hurting you further, they start walking away slowly.

Please don’t let that happen.
Let love conquer.
Not jealousy and possessiveness.
Enjoy love!!
Stay spellbound by the magic cast by it!


  1. .Possessiveness...
    Required a bit in everyone... But the level s increased... Then It really become a cause to loose show ur possessive but don't show over possessive...
    Mad... U r handled the topic very nicely.:) liked mad...
    So many truth r come out ...hmmmm ...

  2. The key to a healthy relationship is to give space for someone to love the way they want to, possessiveness is an outcome of fear of losing and as it starts so it manifests in the death of a relationship.Trust builds it.:)