Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Its leap year!!!


Yay!!! Its leap year…
I am leaping out of joy…
What a gift it is!

It gives an opportunity to enjoy an additional day in life which comes once in four years. It is a present in disguise for those who keep complaining that they don’t have enough time. They tend to become argumentative and say, “I would have done better/I would have completed the work if I had more time; at least an additional minute, another hour or a day for that matter.

I hope that none of you would disagree with me. 29th February is one of those rare days which we keep expecting from the dawn of the New Year. Of course, a year which is divisible by 4! It is more like our own Birthday, which never passes away unnoticed.

And here we are, enjoying one supplementary day.
I am wondering how I would make it special and memorable.
I am thinking ways to make it unique; do something that is unusual.

But, what would I do?L

Ok, I am going to jog over my memory lane and find out what I was up to during this special day over years. To be frank, I don’t remember how year 2000 or the years preceding it was except that I was a tiny little girl with two plaits enjoying the warmth extended by mother’s kiss and father’s hug.

Anyways, I clearly remember 29.02.2004
I studied for 12 hours at a stretch. After all, my exams were nearing. I also remember that it was the first time ever when I managed to sit for such a long hour. I felt really happy that day. I felt proud. That day I realized that I can slog.

But what I did in 29.02.2008?
I really don’t remember. I desperately wished that history would repeat. I hoped that I would stay determined and study for 12 hours. But, I failed drastically. My exams were round the corner, but, I was feeling way too confident to waste my energy on studies!!

And here comes 29.02.2012!
I don’t think I need to study. Hurray! My exams are not round the corner. I dreadfully hope that I don’t end up working for 12 hours!!

As an ending note, I wish you all a Happy Leap Year.
A Happy Birthday for the rare souls who happen to have born this dayJ

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  1. Dear locomente.. May be ur so badly missing d leap year day..ri't.. Sumthin gud s goin around dr..yu can c a line of progress wenever a leapyear cums..may be a yardstick in ur lyf..:)