Monday, 27 February 2012

Its Woohoooo Time!!!

I am gobsmacked!!!
This is my 100th post and my eyes are wide open out of wonder.
My eyebrows are so raised that I fear that it would touch my hair line.

I am stunned!!!
I never knew that I could write so much and so regularly.
I did not know that I am an observer and I can write my mind out.

I am flabbergasted!!!
After all, so many people have read my blog and it is well received.
I feel just awesome beyond words.

Really dear readers…
If you people did not read, I would have felt discouraged. I would have given up blogging convincing myself that I was rolling my sleeves up to attain the unattainable. I may have taken myself as a poor writer who is unable to convey the thoughts through the medium of words.

However, here I am feeling stunned.
Thank you all.

Thanks to the readers for reading what I posted…
And thanks to the World who constantly inspired me to write.

Isn't is the time to celebrate…
A cake? Champagne? Or should it be a “thank you” to Almighty?
I have chosen rather different path.
A determination to write more

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