Thursday, 9 February 2012


©  Is there a thing called love at all?
© Is love enchanting and mesmerizing?
©  Will violins start playing in the background when love conquers you?
©  Is the World enslaved by love?
©  Do you really believe that all is fair in love and war?
©  Will the entire World conspire to ensure that we get our love?
©  Should I believe that if love is true, it would make sure that you stick to that person forever?
©  Can a person fall in love more than once?
©  Can a person really remember the first love in the first place?
©  Will love last forever? Or is it only a passing fantasy?
©  Love sees only positive attributes in the beginning and only later it looks into the gray side?
©  Is rose the symbol of love because it comes with thrones?
©  Does love end in marriage or is marriage a new beginning to love more and more?
©Do we tend to compare others with the characteristics of our first love?
©  Can love stay forever?
©  Can love remain unchanged even if you know that the other person does not love you in return?
©  Will love stay untouched by break-ups and heart-aches?
©  Is love only an emotion or a habit by itself?
©  Can love survive the communication gaps and perception gap?
©  Is love an angel or a monster?
©  Do you really believe that love can ruin a person and never lets them to succeed in life?
©  Or does love for someone makes you fall in love with everything around?
©  Is love like a child who needs attention and needs to be nurtured?
©  Or is it like elders, who expect nothing in return?
©  Or is it like friends, who understands us the best?
©  Is love the Supreme Ruler if the Universe?
©  Can love change a person?
©  Does love join hands with hatred and vengeance?
©  Is there a right age to fall in love?
©  Can love happen more than once?
©  Can we fall in love with the same person again and again?
©  Is love so complicated?
©  Love?
©  Love??
©  Love???
©  Love!!!!!


  1. LOVE..
    Its not just a word.. Its a life...
    V love so many things ..
    Love has infinite face..
    Babies first love wit thier parents..
    Students first love wit thier plays..
    Teenagers First love.. Unexplainable..
    They love everythin in that age..
    Boy First love wit girl never forgettable to him only if his love s true..
    Middle age peoples love thier family and childrens..
    Old age peoples love thier grandchilds and all peoples who giv respect to them..
    Saint also love thier god..
    Monks love thier spirits..
    So without love world won't rotate.. Love only lead our life.. Everyone love thier aims, lover thier doings.. V love our foods, our culture, our spirituals, our traditions etc.. So love its not just a word.. Its lead us..
    love wit girl....
    oh its a really a great time in the life:)
    lovin a girl.. S its mesmeric, ..
    Background music wil play.. Butterfly in stomach..
    V love each and every moment that time..
    Once fall in love wit a girl, it never change.. even our love wouldn't won the love war...
    V are never hate our loved ones even though they did wrong..
    Love s blind.. true statement..
    V don't know wen? Wer? How ? It wil come.. But once come . Life wil swing in air....
    Love means commitment.. )
    In Love...

  2. Love....??...Uff!...The most complex word to understand.....I don't understand what love is all about....truly....:/

  3. §-S, All in Love & All at Love...
    §-S, Love is a Magical Spell, It brings Enchanting & Mesmerising...
    §-S, Not only Violin Scores the Background, It depends person by which musical instrument to play...
    §-N, the World not locked up with love, Love is complimentary to the world...
    §- S, All s fair in love and war...
    §-N, World not conspires to give such an assurance, but once you fall in love, you made the world to ensure to get your love...
    §-S, Love gives such a promise only to those who true to love, not for all...
    §-S, love is infinite, a person fall in love infinite times in his life span...
    §-N to a person one who has a habit of love... (S, never forgettable to those who fall in love with his dream girl...)
    §-S, Love is lasting in nature. Actually we never forgot our love, but we hide our love for some reasons...(moreover in some sort it only a passing clouds to those who take it for time pass...
    §-N, really love is blind, I just want to make this statement here, coz at the time of love, we love only the good qualities in her/ him, it shut our eyes to look bad in her/him thats y it gives gray side later...
    §-S, Agreed but you have look the rose structure, it symbolise the initially love brings the thrones path, but once it conquers that path it never fails to flourish (like rose) ...
    §-N, Love never ends... sometimes it start in marriage..... But never stop in marriage... i
    §-S, sometimes we do...
    §-S, to the end of our life... if Not , it is not a true love...
    §-S, because love is not a barter system.. we cannt say if i love u and you have to love me...( i believe this)
    §-S, true love can survive from these all..(breakups & heart-achs)
    §-S emotional one....
    §-S, it can survive ....
    §-S, love is about heart matter.. not about beauty appearance...
    §-N, love plays always success role....
    §-S, Love make a good human being....
    §-S, but not all timesss ...
    §- Tough to ans.. coz depends by person... some will need that kind support , but some won’t expect.. like meeeee
    §-No comments ...
    §-Noooooooooooooooooooo neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................. if you start like that... none can be live in the world....
    §-S, Age for love.. its not required....
    §- Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....................