Friday, 10 February 2012

Money - Is that all?!

I am so sorry.
This is how I am!
I expect love and care.
Not money or wealth.
I believe in having a bunch of friends than uncountable money.
But, people never understand.
If my intention is money-making, I would tell that before hand.
I can never take money from loved-ones, though the venture could be profitable.
I believe that money is a relationship spoiler.

We may start talking about the outstanding debts and the advances given.
That is business, isn’t it?
A pat on the shoulder, a warm hug, a peck on the cheeks….
The options are innumerous.
Then, why money is chosen as a medium to repay?
I am so sorry.
I really don’t understand.
And, this is how I am!!


  1. *Hugs* dear for this post...But always remember.....Money is important too...But, not more than our loved ones...Of course :)

  2. .In d present era... Without money v can't get anythin .. Money, if u hav, everyone s wit u.. If not .... ???
    In life , money only decided everythin, how our life be, ver v to live, etc.. Money - v all fightin for that...
    Money s prestigious one...
    But for me... Money means nothin... It cann't do all things..
    Very imp u can say tis only after acquiring lot of money.. Otherwise... ???