Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Should not have gone away...

Am I ready for it?
I hear asking myself a dozen times.
You should have waited more,
Shrieks my inner voice.
Waited more for what?
Asks my irritated mind.
Should not have flown away from your nest,
Says the irrational heart.
But, what else I could have done?
Demands my exasperated soul.
Chill man, it would be Friday soon,
Declares my hardnosed self.
I would be flying back to my nest.
I would be sleeping in my room.
I would me myself.
Free from pretence.
Unmindful of pleasing others or being pleasant!
Dear home, home town and people there…
I am coming.
Wait with open arms…
Welcome me with a tight embrace.

1 comment:

  1. dear locomente...
    its oly a week since yu hav said bye to ur home...nt a week, just 5 days nd yu started missin ur parents, home,bedroom,computer and sis so badly...acho...dats really so sweet of yu dear locomente...