Sunday, 5 February 2012

The smart girl!!!

She wanted to travel alone. She wanted to be independent. But, both her friends and her family were very protective. They did not let her go anywhere alone. If she went, they were worried. Not because her friends and family were acutely possessive about her. But, because, she was a little careless!

She would say that she is confident. But, in reality, she would be feeling low. She would say that she is a very bold girl. But, her eyes would say that she can’t really vouch what she said. She would say, “Come on. I want to become smart. Don’t make me a spoilt child. I am 24years old!!”

One day, we decided to let her fly by herself. But, before that we wanted to see if she could really stand up to her own expectations!

That day, we were traveling by train. She was having a huge suit-case. It was really heavy. Thanks to her CA-Final books which had taken a giant share of the luggage! Yes, it had a trolley. But, it was dysfunctional.

We were sitting on seat No. 9, 10 and 11; very near to the door. As soon as train neared our destination station, we offered to help her in drawing her heavy suit-case from under the seats. She said, “I can manage myself. You two stay away!”

We stayed away. While she was struggling with her back-pack, hand-bag and a suit-case with dysfunctional trolley, her mother said, “She says that she wants to become smart!”

We both laughed. After all, she was started to walk towards the other exit door. I yelled, “Hey smartie! Cant you see that there is an exit door right here?!” She looked evidently embarrassed and turned towards us. Her mother said, “Don’t you think that she is too smart to travel alone?” I nodded in response and she, in turn, showed faces!!

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