Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tamasha In Bandargaon

It was a sunny afternoon. I was busy blogging, trying hard to fix words to my thoughts. I heard my mother calling. The door was open for the courier boy was at the door step. My father was busy in signing the receipt and I ran towards him. My excitement reached its peak when I saw the parcel. It was sent by Blogadda! I opened enthusiastically, accompanied by equally anxious parents. Thus, I held Navneet Jagannathan’s debut novel - Tamasha In Bandargaon. I bounced with joy like a baby which smiles innocently when its mother gives chocolate rather unexpectedly. A Gift – It can make a person’s day. A Gift – It makes a person feel so special. And this Gift made the blogger in me proud, child in me delighted and the reader in me happy. And, here goes the review!!!

Navneet Jagannathan’s debut novel, Tamasha In Bandargaon, unravels in the fictional suburbs of Bandargaon. Each day some or the other ceremonious event untangle there. Some people dance to the tune of their hearts, where as some dance to the tunes of others. Some work with selflessness and some are explicitly selfish.

Chegan loves Shalini. Shalini loves Chegan. But, Shalini’s parents hate Chegan!
Vinayak loves Shalini. Shalini’s family loves Vinayak. But, Shalini hates Vinayak!
Sitaram Sajjanpur wants to become the MLA. But, he looses his wits easily.
Poor Dhobi Ramlal has only one wish – a not-so-faded-and-battered sari for his wife Sita.
Anand is anxious to learn from his Guru Chegan. He wants to become as smart and intelligent.
Then, there are Miranda, Sulthan, Grubby, Shimpi, Shambha, Borkari and many others…

Who marries Shalini? Who wins the election? What happens to Ramlal and many others characters in the story?

Navneet Jagannathan has handled the plot in a very matured manner. He has touched innumerous aspects which concerns today’s society. He talks about corruption, women’s reservation bill, alcohol-addiction, education, sanctity of love, divinity of friendship and the dirty game of politics. These are beautifully narrated through the characters that you end up empathizing with them.

The Author’s matured writing and the character’s mindset can be felt throughout the book. The following two quotes stole my heart:

“He sometimes felt that Chegan had moved to a stage beyond truth and falsehood. He only believed in justice. It did not matter how justice was done, and whether the path to justice was strewn with lies.”

“The plain truth, unadorned, is a fact; when adorned, it is a story. And it is the stories that we owe our lives to Mhatre, not facts. Always remember.”

The book is very descriptive and as a reader, you would feel like you are also living in Bandargaon, envisioning the tamasha. The characters are boisterous and the plot surreal. I really enjoyed being the silent spectator in Bandargaon. There was a smile in my face as I closed the book and a hint of sadness in my eyes for I knew that I would miss the dear characters. Especially Lakshmibhai, being my favorite!

It’s a 324 pages book. But, I bet that you won’t feel bored for a moment. Do go through the joy-ride while envisaging the story. The book could have more interesting if the names of characters were more catchy. After all, the book title is the best suiting one! Also, more conversations could have been included rather than relying more on descriptions.

I give three out of five stars for Navneet Jagannathan’s debut novel, Tamasha In Bandargaon. Also thumbs up! It is witty, catchy, swift and straight from the heart.

All the best Navneet Jagannathan…
Thank you…
Miss you Bandargaon…

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  1. Wow!!...Congrats make our day....and when they come with a pinch of surprise...Even better....Wish I'll get a surprise ...:D

  2. :).GIFTS- REALLY I LOVED MOST... V can reach the peak if the same has received from our loved ones..
    Mad- i start readin wit enthusiastically.. Moreover eagerly to know shalini weds whom? But u didn't tell tat:)
    its made me upset..
    But ur narrative style excellent.. Untouchable by anyone.. Keep it up..