Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thank You – A 5,000 Times!!!

To be precise, it is 109th day  since the Locomente started rambling. I am spellbound and euphoric. And, I am going through a roller-coaster of emotions. After all, my blog has crossed 5000 visits!!!

Because, my blog has been viewed a whooping 5000 times!

Because, I always had something or the other to say!

Because, I should continue posting better posts!

Because, I am unable to fix words to say a righteous thank you!

This would never be possible without you, dear readers. Time is the most precious and expensive gift. And, you have spared some time to read my blog. Your page visits and your comments motivated me. I wanted to post regularly and anxiously awaited the comments. You evoked the writer in me and I am feeling honored. Thank you. Be with me as the catalyst and motivator.

I also wish to thank two people other today. It is personal, but, I really believe that this is the right time. After all, they have gifted me with the best of their genes!

Firstly, my maternal grandfather…
I took up CA and strived hard to become one because he was a CA himself. I have never seen him. But, I always have a feeling that he is watching me; that he is directing and blessing me. In a week’s time I would be joining in my first job and I want my thatha to stay closer to me. Love you thatha. I really miss you. You should have waited to see me before befriending God.

Next, my paternal grandfather…
If at all I am writing something in English, it is because of him. He was an English professor in college and his writing style had class attached to it. No, he did not teach me English. But, he gifted his best genes, I always believe, which enable me in converting the thoughts into words. Love you thatha. I have seen you and I have been with you. I do miss you now. But, I have never felt close to you. I really don’t know why? However, when I write, I feel closer to you. A strange closeness! You should have stayed a little longer and made me feel that you indeed loved me.

There are innumerous other people whom I want to thank.
Worry not! Not now.
But dear readers make it 10,000 visits soon.
And, I will thank the others as well.

Love you all.
Stay with me for an eternity.
Encourage me.
Important of all, do comment something yaar. I really expect that…



  1. Congrats dear...for 5000 hits...Keep it rolling

  2. Great locomente... Expect more good , valuable post from u::) i personally thank u for made me a habit of reading... I wish u to get success in all ur endeavours...
    And all the best for ur new journey in life... (job)it wil bring u a ur dream position...
    don't stop posting.. Even comments r not posted...
    Congrats for 5k visit.. And wish u to touch a lac soon..
    Lover of locomente...