Tuesday, 14 February 2012

♥♥♥Yay!! Its V Day♥♥♥

It’s V-DAY
A day meant to say I Love you
A day meant to make the loved ones feel special

And here goes my list of people to whom I desperately want to say I Love You!!!

My Parents
My source of light, confidence and motivation.
They have carved me into what I am today.
The best in the World
Love you amma and appa!

My unofficial Twin
Undoubtedly, the best thing that happened in my college.
She understands me and believes in me so blindly.
The best of friend one can ever have.
Love you di Eechi!

My little brother
Undeniably, the best thing happened during my Articleship.
Yes, I have an unofficially adopted little brother.
Someone who really loves me and cares for me.
Love you kiddo!

Unapologetically, I am the most self-obsessed person.
I love myself 24*7
I believe that I am the best thing that happened to me in my life
Love you Locomente!

My Special few People’s List
My mother’s uncle, most chilled-out person I have ever come across.
My maternal grand father, though I have never seen him
My extended family and cousins
My longest lasted friend who always added colors to my life
My class-mate aka bench-mate during Higher Secondary
My Guruji who ensured that I grabbed my first job
My English Teacher who patiently endeared me

My Special few things list
My Siamse, my Scooty Pep Plus
My books
Dude, My blog!!

Thanks for being there for me
Thanks for sculpting me into what I am

1 comment:

  1. .Ha ha ha...
    I think almost all r covered...
    But u forget to wish ur enemies...y?;((atleast n tat i wil come na);)

    Okay locomente.. I to wish u to get all success and also the list of peoples u said always stayed around u in ur full life time to encourage u n keep ur smile mad...