Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bulging Burden called Backpack...

I was in my 12th standard when I carried my bulging school bag on my shoulders.. I used to feel like a donkey; as if I am carrying the World’s burden on my shoulders. However, as soon as I joined college, I started accumulating different types of bags. I have a collection of them ranging from trendy-but-good-for-nothing to trendy-yet-very-much-useful. I have bags in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. I have never been a lazy bum when it comes to changing my bag on a daily basis. I have always been proud of them.

Understandably, when I received my appointment order for my first job, the first thing I packed was a set of bags. A couple of side bags, both long and short ones. Ah! I carried my backpack too. But, the motive behind that was to use it as a luggage bag.

Thus, on the very first day of my office, I was provided with a chunky laptop. I heart a shattering sound and instantly I also knew that it was shattering heart if my tiny little heart – to be more precise, a tiny little heart of a cute little girlL

It has been three weeks now and I am carrying the same bag everyday. I travel in bus and there would be little girls carrying their school bag. I feel nostalgic. I also feel like a little girl going to school. My bag being as heavy as theirs! But, my life is not as simple and worry-free as theirs.

I really don’t know what kind of culture these MNCs have brought into our country. But, I hate this culture of carrying a backpack. Why cant I go carrying a vanity bag instead? Why cant I change my bag everyday? How I wish I was born a few decades before! How I wish that I am working in some scheduled bank or teaching in a Government school/college! Alas! How I wish my life was burden-free…

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