Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Efforts and Confidence Rewards!!!

One day a man had an intuition that there is a treasure hidden under mother Earth. He started digging hard in search of the same. People around him said that he is mad. Some criticized that he is wasting the most precious treasure – TIME!

But, he remained focused and continued to dig. On the other hand, World around him continued to criticize him
Eventually, he started taking people’s criticism to heart. He began to doubt his own capabilities. His confidence started to droop.

He gave up!

Years passed….

The people around would show the deep pit and say, “an idiot started digging this pit in search of treasure. Everybody said that it is a fruitless effort. But, he never listened. He became mad one day.”

One day, a young chap got inspired. He continued to dig the pit.

Within a couple of days, a clank sound was heard…


Treasure was found.

The young lad became a hero overnight and the same people who criticized ceaselessly, celebrated his efforts.

The moral of the story?
Never give up…
Believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Understand that you can do anything.
As I once said in one of my earlier posts, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!


  1. A very beautiful story......He had a strong intuition...He gave a try and had the treasure at last.....If he just digs the get easy money or out of greed...he mi8 have not got that treasure...