Saturday, 3 March 2012

Free form Pretence...

How true!!
At home we can be ourselves; free from pretence.
We may look at our worst and sing like a donkey.
We can have our meals spilling all over the table, floor and our dresses.
We may sleep through afternoon and go to sleep past mid night.
We can stay online forever and talk on phone eternally.
We don’t have to worry about what others may think.
We can dance clumsily and wear the most faded, shabby and ill-fitting attires.
We can stay without brushing our 32 tiles or pampering our body by bathing.
We really don’t have to worry about how our hair is looking.
We don’t have to follow any etiquette or behave royal.

Oh! Dear home….
Yes, you are the dear most.
You complete me.
You make me feel protected and guarded.
I feel like a human only if I am sheltered beneath you.
In all other cases, I am just acting.
Acting to please others or acting not to make others feel that I am disrespectful.
Yes, I am acting and grieving for not feeling the warmth showered by you.

The home…
The most beautiful place in this World!
A place where everything belongs to you!
You don’t need to seek anyone’s permission to use anything.
You don’t need to worry about the bills either.

Sweet Home…
You are sweeter because the people whom I care for are cozy within you.
They are the people who taught me what love is.

Well, I happened to watch this advertisement which popped in every twenty minutes of the premier of Rockstar movie. I fell in love with it in the first go. It brought back many thoughts too. So dear readers, please click the link to enjoy the happiness of being oneself at home.

Kare Wahi Jo Aapke Liye Sahi!!!
La la la la la

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