Tuesday, 6 March 2012

It's first love... like my last one

Being in love is the most beautiful phase in anyone’s life. Some people lead a regret-free life because they express their love. Because they give primary importance to their loved ones than to themselves or their ambitions. However, there are few who show attitude or believe that they are too worthless to have the other in their love; may be vice versa.

Sachin Garg’s “It’s First Love! … Just Like the Last One!” is a book that talks about love. It is a love story between Sachin and Kanika. It narrates how true love conquers and also explains that love reaches to only those who are genuine. I particularly liked a portion where Kanika writes on the wall of Sachin’s flat that she had seen love in Sachin’s eyes from Day One though he proposed to her very late. How true! Love has no language because it can be conveyed through eyes.

Tears engulfed my eyes while reading about Kanika’s mother, Radhika Merchant. She makes us realize that we all take life for granted or live self-obsessed.

Well, the narrative is swift. But, I just could not feel the depth of love that Sachin would have felt. It could have been explained in a better way. Initially, the relationship is more physical though it ends with a more emotional aspect to it.

The added bonus is that the story is not just a teenage love story. It would start that way. But, it moves on to become more matured. We could see the evolution of the characters from care-free teenagers to teenagers leading a life filled with complexities.

I would not say that the book is too good and one of its kind. But, I also would not say that it is not catchy and empathetic. However, the book could have been much better.

I would say that this book would be a rather good company on a lazy weekend. You would genuinely feel for Radhika Merchant if not for the lead.

Unlike many other books that I have read, this however, failed to impress me. May be that is the reason for such a short review. You may enjoy though. You never know!!

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