Thursday, 29 March 2012

The King and the Commissioner

I have watched innumerous movies in my life so far.
I am a kind of person who loves almost all types of movies.
Cheesiest… Epitome of drama… Die hard romantic… Mindless masala… Action packed… Thrilling….
On and on…!!!

The one I saw on Friday was HORRIBLE!!!


Both the lead – Mammootty and Suresh Gobi – were shrilling at the top of their pitch.
However… I really need to appreciate them for mugging up those tacky lengthy dialogs!

And then the director – with a special mention to the producer - for not dragging the movie further by adding songs!

And what a dialogs dude!!!
It was full of beeps….
But… none of those were beeped for my surprise!
I think the censor board slept watching the movie. That was how boring and horrifying it was!

I am still wondering what Samvratha Sunil did in the film?
At least she could have come out with her own style…
Instead of blindly copying Karthika’s look in Ko
May be because… both portray the role of a daring journalist!!
Yes… You read it right. They only portrayed. After all, they were not daring enough!!\

I was sponsored to watch the movie…
And I watched it in a cozy multiplex.

So here I am talking out from sheer experience…
Don’t get tempted if somebody offers to sponsor for the movie…

Hell is better than this filthy movie!!!

I give as many thumbs downs as possible…
I am just disappointed beyond words!

All said…
I wonder how someone can look so young and fit in spite of crossing 60 years
Mammooty is irresistible.
His charm persuades to tolerate the film
He looks so young that you can’t stop wondering if you would look as young as he did while at half his age…

You are a rockstar….

And here I give as many thumbs ups as possible for him!!!


  1. ohhh things have changed a lot around here in your blog...the colors, layout....took a while to recognize

    i am yet to watch a mammooty movie though i have watched mohanlal's many