Thursday, 1 March 2012

March is Marching...

Finally, March has come marching towards us.
A month that reminds of exams… Studies and finally the blissful vacations!

If children are worried about their exams parents are worried about their children’s. Anyways, there would be people like me who would just feel nostalgic; and relieved that there are no exams coming in March. But, alas! There are quite a few in May/June. Crap! Ain’t I supposed to start studying at least now?

Well, this is how March is…
The sun would blaze without much pitying for the poor Souls in the Earth.
We sweat profusely.
Ouch! We need to bath frequently and have a hole in the pocket after spending too much on deo-sprays.

It is that time of the year when we feel irritated because:
·         Shopping cannot be done as and when wished for due to acute heat
·     Riding two-wheeler during day time would seem like a curse which would be otherwise divine
·         Studying, of course
·         Nerving examinations

Ah! This is also that period of the year where we realize the true meaning of “Every cloud has a silver lining”. After all, vacations and loads of fun are waiting on the flip side of the month isn’t it?

Okay, so let me welcome the third of twelve months of the year, which carries the festival of colors – Holi – with it.

Let us slog.
Let us study or make others study.
Sweat and become Sun kissed
After all, it is MARCH!!!!!!!!


  1. DEAR locomente...
    i think ur goin nostalgic with ur childhood days...may be you are so much missing the exams in march... aboveall ur unable to accept ur change...

  2. Nice post dear :) Happy March, Happy Holi and keep smiling