Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thank you - A 10,000 times!!!

My appaji asks, “What did you post today?”

My amaaji asks, “How many page views?”
My friends say, “You are addicted to blog”

All these queries and talks have become a part of my routine life.
My life has been revolving around this little baby of mine – my blog!
It’s a little above four months and I feel like a writer.
I really don’t know if I am good or bad writer.
But, I feel happy that I am writing something.

And, I am feeling overwhelmed because my blog has crossed 10,000 views.

I may be really addicted or rather crazy to the core.
But, I enjoy keeping a watch on the tiny steps made my blog.
I like to acknowledge the fact that my blog is progressing.
I feel awesome when I thank my readers for reading my posts.
Come on, post some comments too L  
I feel happier when I thank the World for suffocating me by giving a plethora of thoughts.

I am feeling proud that I am finding something or the other to write.
And get more swollen with pride when I find someone reading it…


Thank you a 10,000 times…
Make it 15,000 soon…
And I will dedicate another post to you all…

Love you readers…
Thank you Locomente. I am thanking myself; the crazy mind embedded in me!

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