Thursday, 8 March 2012

To my mother on Women's Day

Today is the International Women’s Day…
And I wish to talk about the only woman in my life – my mother!!
I don’t deny, I am a woman too. But, when I compare myself to my mother, I am just another God’s creation; a female, certainly not a woman,
So, ammaji… This post is dedicated to you…

You wake up, then, rises the scintillating Sun.
The aroma of your coffee evades the home;
before the aromatic flowers bloom.

The water-heater may not be working.
You don’t complain. You bathe in cold water.
Then, our ears will be treated with your prayers.

You may not be feeling well. Yet, you cook.
While chopping vegetables, you may injure your fingers.
You just wipe away the blood as if it is a bead of sweat.

We may hurry you. You just burn your hands.
But, you ignore it.
When we spot it, you would say, “It is some dirt” and move away.

We would end up too eating too much of food.
You would not whine that there is no enough food for you.
You would either say, “I have eaten alongside cooking”
“I can’t eat so much. You better take more”

You would wash a mountain of clothes.
You would ensure that our house is home
You take care of us so much that you would be more like an extension of ourselves.

You have devoted your life for us.
But, are we worthy of that? I don’t know.
Are we capable of making you happy? I wonder.

Dear ammaji,
You are the first person whom I touched.
You are the first person whom I befriended in this World

I learnt because you taught me.
You taught me what love is.
I just follow you, blindly.

There can be nobody as you are.
Multi-tasking and working all through years,
Yet never once grumbling over it.

How can you always stay so calm?
I wonder how you never loose your cool.
How can you work so much?

You are just perfect, ammaji.
I hope that I would become half as good as you are.
I hope that people never say that I am not good enough to have a mother like you.

You are the only woman in my life…
I care for you and…


  1. What a beautiful dedication to your Mother....Lovely poem....I loved your handwriting and what you've written :)