Friday, 9 March 2012

What is it all about??

 Each time when I write a post, I make a mental note that I should sound casual. I try hard to ensure that the words I use match my river of thoughts. I think hard and harder to get clarity of thought. During these times, I end up writing something which would be scarcely related to the topic I really felt like writing.
But when I sit staring at the blank MS Word allowing the thoughts flow to dominate me, I realize that the words just starts flowing. I feel glad that my thoughts flows like a river and are not stagnant like a pond.
Then, the next dilemma would bud. What kind of words I should be using? Should I use reader-friendly one or the complex jargons? My brain would persuade me to go ahead and write something too complex. But, my thoughts, which would be flowing from heart, rebels and my fingers obeys my heart. It tends to type only those that comes naturally to it.
My heart would feel defeated when my brain rejects a few words saying that it is too childish. But, my heart would argue that man’s heart never ages; it stays young forever. My rational brain ponders over the comment. It would try to come out with a winning argument. But, then, it realizes that it is life that is complex. And all other aspects are too teeny-weeny. It understands that speaking through words requires only strong feel for it and not strong words.   
I have to confess. I do feel bad when the World around me uses complicated words. I feel worst because there is no brain and heart co-ordination. As a further confession, I feel elated. After all, I am doing what my heart says. And, hence, I lead a regret-free life.
So all of you out there, you may be writing showing off your vocabulary. But, I write from heart showing off only what I feel strong about. So I win. After all, life is about feeling happy. I am feeling delighted to the core. Anyways, I am too ecstatic to give a detailed elaboration. After all, amn’t I known for my simplicity? Wink!

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