Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What's going on??


Nowadays, I find myself asking this question regularly and rather frequently.  I wake up eat work eat - work eat sleep!! And ah! How did I miss out the traveling part? I shuttle between places. As soon as I sink in with the place and routine, I am forced to vacate and move on.

It is really funny. I am a girl who is obsessed with matching bags and ear-rings; equally matching bags, slippers and wrist watch. But, whats going on? How can I carry all these? It is devastating because I am not able to lead a life the way I want.

I hate traveling and here I am traveling. I am very particular about the accessories matching my outfit and here I am kept away from them.

And what is worse? I am a curd-rice person. I can live eating that forever. But, in the damned place where I am working, all are non-vegetarians and as an add-on, curd is found to be nowhere. Oh! I miss my ammajis food. I miss my curd rice.

I am unable to pause and think. I feel handicapped because I am pushed to stay away from my parents. I feel bad because I am already unhappy. I dont want to look back and regret this phase of my life. Is there a possibility of some miracle? Is there any light at all at the end of the dark tunnel?

Come on, what exactly is going on? I am not even finding time to spend my hard earned money.

Life cannot become messier than this.
All I could tell you is that I truly hate whatever is going on!!!

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  1. Oh Dont worry. EVerything happens for a good reason. Just be patient. Time will make things better