Monday, 12 March 2012

When my World Blacked out...

Well, this is something I experience last weekend. It shook me off and my World seemed to have blacked out. What happened? Okay, please read on…

I was all exited. All my 32 tiles were visible because I was smiling that wide. After all, I am nearing home. Yay!!! It was weekend.

I jumped out of the train and walked rapidly towards the exit. I wanted to reach home. I was desperate to see my parents. I wanted to feel their warmth and wanted to feel pampered at home.

It was almost 10 ‘o clock at night and the auto drivers demanded inflated auto fares. Some said, “No madam, that is too less” and some said, “It is midnight. We need double the normal fare”

I said, “See, I travel every weekend. I reside her. I know this place and auto fare. It is not even 10pm and how can you say that it is midnight”

Many of them backed away. However, I was blessed with one. He frowned at first. But then, he gave in to my negotiations. I felt superior. I praised myself for being too get at bargaining. I continued feeling elated until I reached home.

I carefully took out Rs.30/- note and paid him with a smile. He smiled back, but, his eyes conveyed that he was not really happy with the final deal. I was carrying heavy baggage. I somehow managed to get it out of the auto and thanked him.

I was feeling ecstatic and that excitement made me keep on ranting about all the events that unraveled during the week days. After half an hour, I realized that I have to freshen up and go to sleep.

More out of habit, I opened my backpack and searched for my mobile phone. Ouch! That was not inside. I dug my hands further inside. But, I just could not find it. A bead of sweat broke on my forehead. My heart beats started to race faster. I tried my number from my ammaji’s mobile. The rings were going on, but, I was unable to hear the phone ringing. I tried a dozen times. Slowly, I understood.


I remembered clearly that I put it safely into my bag before the train stopped at my home town. But, where did it go all of the sudden? I continued trying my number. Finally, somebody took the call. He said he is busy and cut it.

I started loosing my temper. My hands started to shiver uncontrollably. A shrill of fear passed through my body. The sms confirming my official travels were stored in my phone. All the contacts were in it. I did not know anyone’s number by-heart. I did not know how I would reach out to my friends and colleagues. I did not know what to do.

Oops! My phone also carried innumerous pictures! I started feeling more tensed. What if somebody misuses my contacts and photographs? What will I do without my mobile phone? It has become a part of me; as if my sixth finger or a third hand. I knew life would not be the same without it.

I continued to try my number. Suddenly, I got a missed call form an unknown number. I called back. The voice said, “What is this madam? You have locked your phone with security code. How can I call someone?”

Ah! I sighed. He would not have gone through my photographs. He would not have made calls or misused the data in it.

My friend had this irritating habit of locking the phone. I also fought with her for always locking it and asking me to unlock it. Well, I normally don’t lock my phone. I thanked under my breath.

The voice revealed that he is the auto driver who had left me home. He offered to bring itt back to my home if I agree to pay him the to and fro charges. I agreed. This time without any reluctance and negotiations! I understood that the mobile phone had fallen out when I had taken my wallet. Darkness had enveloped the World forbidding me from checking if I have taken everything from the auto. The driver did not lit any light either.

After a waiting for almost an hour, which seemed eternal for all of us, he came with my mobile phone. I felt like somebody was injecting me with a tin of glucose. I felt energized. I felt as if I have found my lost toddler back. I thanked him and paid a handsome sum.

I held my mobile close to me. My World started to seem colorful. I promised to myself that I would be more careful. I thanked God for making matters so simple. I sent a long thank you message to my friend who had locked my mobile with security code.

Finally, I went to sleep placing my mobile phone next to me. I remembered the endless survey and research I did to buy it. I remembered how focused I was in buying it and how religiously I saved money to buy it. It is really special because I bought it as a token of appreciation for passing my CA-Inter in my first attempt. It is a souvenir reminding my hard work and determination. It is more than a mobile phone. As I said earlier, it is my sixth finger!!!!


So dear reader….
Take care of your mobile phone. It would be very precious for you too, isn’t it? And we may not be lucky enough to get it back all the time. 

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