Tuesday, 27 March 2012

With Power comes Responsibilty

One day an arrogant ostrich said to fishes, “Poor fishes you are! You cannot fly like me and see the beautiful World around”

It laughed like a devil and continued to degrade the fishes. It said that they are so fragile that they cannot escape from the net of hunters.

Suddenly, a tiny little fish jumped out from the water. The ostrich asked, “Hey fool! Why did you jump out of the water? Don’t you know that you will die?”

The fish said, “I am going to commit suicide. I don’t want to live”

The ostrich said, “Now come back. You stupid! You better eat worms and dirt; gain weight so that I can eat you for my dinner”

The tiny little fish smiled and said, “I pity you! You are powerful than us and has seen more World than any of us. However, instead of enlightening us and protecting us, you are talking ill about us. I don’t want to die for becoming your food. I want to die with dignity”

With that the fish took its last breath.

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The powerful should never look down at the weaker ones. Instead, they have to use their knowledge and power in protecting and enlightening the weak. On the contrary, these days we come across many cases of harassments and black-mails.

People with great power are supposed to act with responsibility. They should never underestimate the strengths of others. They should also not feel superior to others!

All the powerful out there…
Act with responsibility!!!


  1. What a lovely story you've written....Beautifully penned....Keep writing such stuff....:)
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. insightful story..
    hope your post can create a difference... ::)

  3. If something of that sort happens... I will be the happiest!!!