Saturday, 28 April 2012

Love you Oh Jesus!!!

Weekend - 7
I may be a Hindu by birth. But, I believe that I am a true Indian in the first place. I am very secular when it comes to religious orientation. I believe in a Super power above us. Yet I don’t worry enough to ponder further to fix names to them.

And I felt blessed beyond limits that weekend…

I was supposed to be working. But, then, thanks to Easter!!! I was given a day’s off.

Thus, I travelled to my home… It was only for a day. I paid a surprise visit and my parents were delighted to see me.

Accidentally, my friend’s wedding reception fell on that day. I met loads of my class-mates after years. Oh… I realized that I can’t ask for more.

This is how life would be most of the times –Rewarding!!!

All the right things would happen and at the right time. Thus, you would be awed!!!

You thank God… But, which God?
Oh… I say thank God!!! Why you need a name?
You call you mother as mother not by her name! Same applies with most of the dear ones.
So… Lets call Him as God. Let us not complicate things by fixing names and complicating both ours and others’ life. What do you say?

So should I change the title from “Love you Oh Jesus!” to “Love you Oh God!”

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