Saturday, 14 April 2012

With this Girl’s “Best Friend”….

I may have felt lazy. I may have felt bored. But, I have never once felt so distracted!!! Certainly not during my work! But, that day was different...

I was out to count stock of a leading and really huge jewellery showroom.
It was then that I met my “Best Friend”. In fact, till that day, I have never felt so close to that “Best Friend”. I was not even ready to accept that “Best Friend”.
But, that particular weekend… I realized that there is a “Best Friend” for me!!!
And, it was on that very day I felt all girly-girly…

After all
I happened to be with my “Best Friend”.
A Girl’s Best Friend…

I was supposed to count them. But, I was distracted beyond words. The shine of diamonds made me fall for it instantly.

The girl in me wanted to appreciate the intricacies of the minute craft.
The professional in me wanted to count them.
I was stuck in a dilemma.
I was awestruck!

There is really something about diamonds. They have the capability to attract longing eyes. I did not want feel like owning them. Yet, I felt great just being with them. The shine that they emitted got transferred into my through my eyes. I felt much better.

A weekend well spent amidst of precious stones and the forever-in-vogue gold!

As I stepped out of the jewellery after work, I felt unusually sad. I wondered when I would ever be so close to my “Best Friend”.

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  1. Wow...Never found someone cherishing their best friends this well :)
    I have never felt that attraction..hopefully will do someday with the one which catches my eyes :P

    Alcina-Afixxion Addixt