Thursday, 10 May 2012

Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace…
What a catchy name! This was my first reaction when I came to know about the movie.
The diamond necklace used in the movie was attractive enough to attract me towards it.
There was fahad Fazil… A rather familiar face…Thanks to 22Female Kottayam.
And then… I heard nila malare song for the first time… Thus realized one thing – I have to watch the film!!

With tons of expectations, I went to watch the movie with my cousin. Director Lal Jose has weaved the narrative in such a way that as an audience we continue to wonder how this movie would reach its climax. It flows as easy as yours and my life. The characters are so real that you almost feel like you are watching a video of someone’s life!

Fahad Fazil shines as a natural hero. He is such a charmer! It is no wonder to see elegant ladies spellbound by his charisma. He is convincing both as a playboy and as a confused young man faced by challenges posed by life. His gentle shift from grey to black and white is portrayed in a realistic manner.

All the three leading ladies have done justice to their roles. Samvratha Sunil has done a commendable job. Srinivasan comes as a rather matured person. He conveys that life is beyond money; it is all about relationships and values!

No regrets about the past;
No anxiety about the future;
Living for the moment!

This is the tagline around which the movie travels. An out of the box kind of movie, whose story is born on account of a diamond necklace! And I would say that it is worth watching. Malayalam movies are travelling along a very unconventional path. These are the kind of intelligent movies that provides unbound entertainment to the audience.

Enjoy the movie…
Get bathed by a wave of fresh air!!!

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