Saturday, 5 May 2012

Journey towards Success

I asked for a rose
But I got thorns

I asked for rainbow
But I got darkness

I asked why?
The reply I got was a mere smile

I wondered why
I could only smile to myself in response

I really don’t know!
Why life is so complicated?

May be we are thinking too hard
And it is our thoughts complicating matters

Why can’t we set our hearts free?
Can’t we fly high and aim for the rainbow?

Why can’t we patiently wait?
Can’t we go out and search for rose?

Should we give up without trying at all?
But a failure is not an end right?

Come on, failure should be the beginning
It should kick start the journey towards success

Success Is an option
It can be tasted only if we order for it

Oops! The order time may lag
But, you will be definitely served with success

The longer you wait, hungrier you feel
And, success would taste sweeter than honey

Life moves on; time elapses
So does hard times

Giving up is not an act of chivalry
Having faith and waiting patiently will be rewarded

Dream, work and believe
Success will be yours!!!

1 comment:

  1. If success doesn’t happen, maybe it s good to stop divert the path as well… we never know…