Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Aeppadi

Men are from Mars… Women are from Venus…
We have heard about this, isn’t it?

Women think a lot… At least a ton of thoughts keep playing in the back of their mind every second. Thinking comes naturally to them. It may be as vain as their hair style to as complex as what others are thinking in a given point of time.

Men on the other hand, think less. They are more reactive. They react more than act in a given situation. They adapt to circumstances. They like to hang around with friends and play till each muscle gives up. Women prefer shopping to games. Indeed… Shopping includes window shopping as well!

The scenario that erupts when two opposite poles – man and woman – come together is well depicted in well accepted movie Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Aeppadi

The narrative is fresh and interactive. As an audience, you would feel like a friend is narrating his love story to you. It is crisp and also funny at times.

About Sidharath?
For the first time, I saw him in the movie named “Boys”. But, that was nine years before! He looks just as young as he did nine years before… Unbelievable!!! He is very convincing as Arun. He is confused. Yet tries miserably to impress his love! He understands a girl’s complex thought procedure and helps friends with their love. However, he trembles considerably in winning his girl’s heart.

Amala Paul looks like a cross breed of Deepika Padukone in Break ke baadh and Priyanka chopra in Kameenay. Her outfits are cute and she acts convincingly. Special accolades to her dubbing artist – Deepa Venkat; she has done a good job. Her voice helps us to associate with her character rather easily. Her character, Parvathi, is that of a normal girl with a familial background that is breaking.

The Director has attempted to showcase love story in a different angle. I loved the portion where Parvathi’s parent’s romantic endeavors are portrayed. It funnily speaks the truth – love never grows old with time. It only grows with time!

The songs are not magical; but, they are piucturised pleasingly. I liked the parts where Arun struggles to befriend Parvathi… Then feel nervous about asking her contact number… And those scenes where Arun miss her unconditionally for an entire after forgetting his cell phone at home…

The screenplay lags at many places. The narrative starts to take a toll on you. As an audience, we start to feel as if someone is giving lecture non-stop.

However, I say… Go for it…
It is a light hearted love story…
An easy way to excuse from all the daily routine life…
To enliven the teenager within, if you are not one!
And to understand what not to do in love if you are a teenager!

And hey…!!!
Catch the movie on Vijay TV this Sunday… (3rd June, 2012)
I am expecting your point of views too.

All the best…
Kaadhalla sodhappaama erukka!! Y Y Y

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