Thursday, 3 May 2012


I was all thrilled to watch the movie. I came to know that one of the main protagonists hails from Palakkad! I did not ask for more. I just joined and followed the crowd!

In short… I grabbed the seat with umpteen expectations….

I loved it… The first half managed to offer more than what was expected. It was a joy ride. We laughed so much!

Yet… Biju Menon’s Palakkadan slang was quite irritating. It was too fast and loud. I wondered if people there really talk that way!

Kunjakaboban did justice to the role. His acting was subdued and raw.

Second half was clumsy… Irritating… Loud…

The aspect of reality lost eventually. We ended up feeling like we are watching some drama. It was too much to tolerate!

Asif Ali is wasted. Basically, I like him. But, in thus movie, I just hated his acting.

Over all…
As we left theatres we felt relieved that the movie is over! The spell left by first half got renounced by the end. We all regretted at the decision of opting to go for the movie per se.

The movie is poor in an overall basis. But, first half is really good.
Songs are boring. Even a non-smoker would long go outside and take a puff.
Thankfully, we had mobile phones to keep us busy!!!

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