Friday, 11 May 2012

Please… let go off past

To let go off past doesn’t mean forgetting the past as a whole. It doesn’t require you to burry all those good old days and hide from the World. Instead it seeks you to make peace with the past. Never forget that you have gone through all those bitter instances once. What you are today is partially because of what you happened earlier. Hiding the past mandates you to act all your lifetime. Ask yourself, “Am I ready to act forever?”

Please, don’t burry the past

One would really let go off past when they derive the ability to talk about it. You should analyze what was the best and worst part. Primarily, understand that past is not written with pencil. There is no eraser available to rub it off. And, if you attempt to strike it off, you’d be left hurt…

Never hold hard hearts on what happened. Never carry those emotional bondages that would burden you. You really don’t need to feel bad. Whatever has happened has happened. Believe that it has happened for good.

Who knows… something better may be awaiting you

Realize that you have the liberty to pick and choose. Gather your past and choose those best moments. Cherish it for your life time. There is nothing wrong in that. World would respect you for doing that. It is easy to act as if sleeping peacefully. But, it is very painful to actually sleep peacefully like a baby. Hence, acting should never be preferred. You would be left frustrated at the end of the ordeal.

Imagine that you are out to take buffet meals and there is a long list of menu. Most of the dishes are unfamiliar to you. What would you do? You would taste each of the dishes. Some may taste awful and some awesome! As soon as you taste the awesome one, the awful taste would vanish. Nobody has the right to force you to eat the awful one; not even you!

This is how life exactly is! You tasted and realized that is was an awful experience. You decide to move on. Then, you share your experience. You caution others to stay away from the awful platter. World will acknowledge and appreciate you.

I don’t know what to say further. Please move on. Past is a part of who you are. Let that be so. Don’t regret. There is no need to hold any vengeance. Remember? You had once enjoyed all that? You can’t deny all that. Let that be there. Forgive and forget the pain. Learn from it and move on. Ensure that you don’t end up feeling cynical. You are too young to conclude so fast. A book may seem to be boring and tiresome initially. But, as you read on tolerating it and thus, complete it, you would be beaming. You will be thanking yourself for enduring the initial boredom. And magically, you will be remembering only the best parts of it; not the worst one!!

Celebrate life…
Cherish the past…
Move on….

There are so many more platters to taste. And innumerous pages to read!

Remember that…
As you take the final breath, you should feel happy.
No regrets.
No vengeance.
No hard hearts.
 That is what matters ultimately!

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