Sunday, 24 June 2012

Am I doing the right thing?

I am not an experienced enough or knowledgeable enough person to differentiate between what is good and bad. I behave the way I find right in a given moment. I just ask one question, “Will I regret today’s action in the future?” The future may be anything as near as the very next second or light years farther.

Yes! I always care for the one word called “guilt”. A guilty mind is the most cursed mind. Once we start regretting, we tend to turn cursed automatically. A flurry of questions would suffocate you from within.
“I should not have done that”
“I feel so bad for doing that”
“How bad I am as a person”
And many such other repercussions!

Hence, it is always better to ask yourself…
“Am I doing the right thing?”
“Will I feel bad about the action in the future?”
“Will I be held guilty for this?”
“Will the World blame me?”
“Will my action spoil someone else’s life?”

If answer to all of the above questions is “NO”, undoubtedly and confidently go ahead and do it. The World will stand by you. It will support you and conspire together to ensure that you reach your dreams.

All the best!!!

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  1. Very much apt wordings 4 the day...
    A great msg from yu dear...
    If v answer these questions and lead our life.. v would never regret and enjoy to the core...