Sunday, 3 June 2012

Feeling hurt

Hey World…

Pardon me…
I have hurt you all
Sometimes to feed selfish urge
Sometimes for your well-being

Yes, I have hurt you all
But there has always been a reason
Sometimes, I felt you are too good for me
At times, I felt I am too good for you

Thus, I hurt you
Many a times! Most of the times
And, here I stand hurt
I am still pondering over to find a reason

Why am I hurt?
My heart is crushed into pieces
My eyes are burning after crying endlessly
I really don’t understand

Why am I hurt so badly?
Am I that bad?
Am I that intolerable?
I just need a reason for being hurt so badly

There has to be some reason, isn’t it?
How someone can hurt me so badly?

Oh dear… Please don’t hurt me
Ouch! I can tolerate even if you hurt me
Please don’t hate me
I can’t stand the pain it gives!


  1. Life is about tolerance and forbearance... life is hard....this is nicely done Satya..