Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have the world with me

It has been tough
I have been alone
Accompanied by none, but myself
No one to talk with
No one to be with
Not a welcoming phase in life!
I sighed

I wanted someone
I wanted to share my dreams
Tell them what and how I feel
I wished there was someone to laugh with
Someone to understand what my eyes speak
Who could listen to my silence!
But there was none

The chatterbox that I am
Started to talk to anything and everything
Rom the saffron painted walls to the engulfing air
They had nothing to say in return
I started to gaze at the vacuum and talk to myself
There I found a bunch of leaves shaking elegantly!
As if nodding to my thoughts

At last the struggle was over
I befriended them
They danced gleefully with joy
That dance movement filled me with an air of happiness
I felt lighter than a feather
Who said I have been left alone?
I have the world with me

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