Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kumbabishekam at Govindarajapuram!!!

The stretch of road seemed like one long abode
The otherwise gloomy lane was filled with people
Many faces were familiar and some were strange
Some were there after decades and some were there for the first time
An array of lights extended the needed radiance
Little girls were dressed in pattu paavadai
Married women were draped in traditional onbadhugajam podavai
Giggling girls and gossiping middle-aged
Scurrying boys ensuring that things are in place
In between a few stolen glances
Some falling in love and some pleading Him for getting back the lost love
Some girls were flinching, some were reciprocating
Jingling bells and mesmerizing hymns
Some feeling nostalgic and some relishing the moment with delight
Feeling of unison and moment for togetherness
Smiling faces and pride filled eyes
Indispensable hunger to record everything in the mental camera
So much going on and so much to observe
Ah… That was a month before
Yet… I could recall all nuances in detail
As if it happened just now; as if it is happening now
Such magical days they were
Surrounded by Vedic chants and divinity
The best five days; the best spent days

Here are the glimpses of those divine moments…

Venue             : Govindarajapuram, Palakkad
Deity              : Sri Varadaraja Perumal
Festive          : Ashtabandhana Kumbabishekam
Date               : 19th May, 2012 to 23rd May, 2012
Website         :

The bejewelled lane of Govindarajapuram Palakkad

Day 1 - Dhanyaadhivaasam (19th May, 2012)

Day 2 – Panchagavyaadhivaasam (20th May, 2012)

Day 3 – Ksheeraadhivaasam (21st May, 2012)

Day 4 Morning – Jalaadhivaasam (22nd May, 2012)

Day 4 Evening – Shayanaashivaasam (22nd May, 2012)

The D-Day – Maha Kumbabhishekam (23rd May, 2012)

Kaazhcha sheeveli


How can I miss this out??

New Ulsava Moorthy

Thank you

She was patient
Patient enough to carry my priceless pocession – My camera
She captured moments
She gave those pictures life
She made this post possible
Thank you ammaji
This post would not be possible without you!!!!

So many eager eyes
Longing to get the first glimpse of Him
So that they can boast to the generations to follow
As if getting out of a chariot, He stepped out
His face was magical, smiling with innocence
We assumed that He should be happy seeing His new residents
Eyes became wet out of unexplainable delight
Ouch! But, his eyes were tied
As if carrying a new born baby
They cautiously and lovingly took him to his new abode
We all followed Him and so did divine chants

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