Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ouch!!! It hurts...

Sometimes it hurts
When loved ones hurt
We stand helpless
When they act selfish

We search for a clue
And try to figure what went wrong
We hope desperately
Await those old days to return

Hoping for the best to happen
Wondering how worst things could ever happen
Reliving those old magical days
Recalling those lovely days

Nights elongate
Seasons change
But the love never fades
Though the pain remains

Dear Sunlight
Please don’t hurt
I have seen love in your eyes
I know it never once lied

I don’t know what to say
I am searching for you, are you there?
You may have moved on
Share the secret so that I too can carry on


  1. A poem which contains questions I too have about relationships within family situations. The loss and the hurt remain.


    1. Very true Eileen...
      It is harder when loved ones move on...
      And we continue to struggle...
      Finding it hard to move on!

      Thanks for dropping by and for your wonderful comments :)


  2. You have uttered the truth....old days are magical and love never fades.

  3. The beautifully etched :)Lovey!

  4. I resonate with these lines very much. It is hard to accept when someone changes. You have captured the feelings well.

  5. Move on! well something we all do. Lovely piece!

  6. So true relationships can be so painful at a times and the end is particularly devastating, that search for answers and the guilt. Powerful words, deeply felt this piece

    1. Yes...
      At times relationships could be very demanding and painful!
      Thanks a lot :)