Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sack of surprises!!!

Such a sack of surprises!!!

I really don’t understand what next second has in store for me. I bet most of us feel the same way. We think that everything has come to an end; and there it restarts again! Sometimes, we become so habituated that we take things for granted; and there it ends astonishingly.

Some say that our thoughts can shape our future. It is held that determination can get us what we desire for. But, isn’t that said for the determined? What is expected from the confused fraternity like me supposed to do? My mind shilly-shallies all the time. It oscillates restlessly.

The moment I believe that the decision is made, confusion erupts. This time, the intensity of confusion would be voluminous.

I think seamlessly and yet, the solution seems miles apart. The optimist in me never allows me to give up. I keep thinking animatedly and try to understand what I expect from myself.

Eventually, I give up. I realize that life will never fail to give me what is destined to be mine. I decide to wait for that “best” to happen, rather patiently.

Thus I understand…
Life is such a sack of surprises…
It would be a real fun to be surprised by the unexpected…
Instead of feeling dejected for not getting the expected!!!

Roll up your sleeves…
To be surprised!!!

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