Thursday, 28 June 2012

Saguni - சகுனி

Debutant director Shankar Dhayal’s “Saguni” is a story about Kamalakannan alias Kamal (Karthi) coming to Chennai to rescue his ancestral property from Government acquisition. The rest of the story deals with varied situations that he faces in the course of attaining his goal. Rather whether he achieves his goal at all!

Kamal meets Rajini alias Appadhurai, brilliantly played by Santhanam. Their chemistry and timing is impeccable. The duo steals the show and proves that they have a long way to go as a combo.

Of course there is a Sree Devi played by a new comer, Pranitha. She is used more for ornamentation. She is the usual beauty who falls for all-brains hero and breaks up by blindly following what mother says.

The movie is backed with a brilliant cast who portray their limited role commendably.

Radhika Sharathkumar steals our hearts. Her transition from a ruthless money lender to a respectable politician is well showcased.

I really think that Prakashraj has to go for other shades of roles. He dazzles as a filthy politician, but nothing new or promising from the role; for both the actor and the audiences.

Kiran is a surprise. So are my favorites – Anushka and Andrea. Roja comes for a short while, yet stands in heart.

Nasser is awesome. He gleams in his role. He is a seasoned actor and that can be easily seen in his acting.

But who is the show stealer?
Karthi, of course! His comic sense… Those scenes where he tries to impress his love… And that glint in his eyes whenever he draws a plan for the downfall of Prakashraj… It is evident that he will reach places in no time!

No one else?
There is a much bigger show stealer – Santhanam. He is getting better and better like a bottle of wine. His voice modulation… Body language… Dialog delivery and the chemistry he shares with Karthi make him the uncrowned mass-entertainer.

Who said the movie is impeccable?
Music is by G V Prakash Kumar. None of the songs stays. All are random and hardly catchy. There are a few loopholes in the foundation of the script per se.

But why I liked the film?
Though the movie is the game of dirty politics, murder… Death… Heroic fights and high pitch shrills are not there. Thank God! It flows easily. The narrative is so swift that audiences get no time to sit back and dwell into the loose ends. I loved the dialogs. There are quite a few appealing ones – “busy city… pasi citizens”

So Locomente says…
Go for it…
An assured mass entertainment…
Rajini, Kamal, Sreedevi combo always rocks!!
Never disappoints!!!