Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thank you – A 75,000 times!!!

The drive to write
Coupled with thirst for words
Wavering mind
Flowing thoughts
Slowly, obsession to observe followed
Desire to express in words reigned
Eventually, pondered for my flair
What followed was pretty fair
Some crazy
Some messy
Plethora of poetry
Few crafty
And a few story
Thus my baby blog was born
Now taking valiant yet tiny steps
Towards winning hearts
Towards making me proud
She is 245 days old today
And she has gathered 75,000 page views
So… here I am to say
THANK YOU – A 75,000 TIMES!!!!

Yay!!! Its platinum jubilee celebration time… I am so happy. Celebration time always tickles me. I giggle like a teenager and dream of dancing like a peacock.

I wish to jump up and reach out to the sky. I never thought I could write regularly. My baby blog taught me to observe, think and capture. It made me think differently and write habitually.

The blog made me explore into a new foray – Haiku. Thanks to a blog friend, Valli. Her blogs introduced me to the World of Haiku. Initially, I didn’t understand the concept. I erred. Then, like a little tot, I learnt from my mistakes.

I have to thank my little brother, Vijay. He used to ruthlessly slaughter me whenever I commit spelling mistakes callously. His criticism would scare me. So I used to read and re-read my blog posts ensuring spelling mistakes are minimal, if not eliminated in total.

There was a time when I used to keep my fingers crossed expecting “Locomente” to appear in Google search. Now, my blog is ranked among the best Indian blogs of the year 2011-2012.

The growth has been phenomenal and I feel like a proud parent. A child is not only influenced by its parents but by its surroundings also. So, I am here to thank my stars – my readers.

Oops! But, I don’t know how to thank my patient and encouraging readers. A “thank you” would be too formal and too minimal. They are helping me to grow. They are supporting me and making me write more.

So here I vow to write more…
More regularly
Hopefully interestingly

And now the Locomente wishes to say…
Thank you – a 75,000 times!!!

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  1. That's a lovely poem on your blog journey....wish you will continue writing many many many more posts...
    Aww!...Am so happy that your blog reached 7500+ hits...Hearty congratulations and All the best..:)
    Didn't come online for a while...So commented late...Sry for that!
    Happy Blogging!